Zacisk Krzyżowy do Szyn Renusol

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The Renusol Cross-Rail Connector is used is pairs to attach perpendicular lengths of Renusol rail, or rail to TriSole frames. 

A pair of Cross-Rail Connector are attached either side of the upper rail. 

The upper rail should always be of 50mm x 37mm type because it has a small ridge along a third face to allow a connector to clamp on, whereas the 41 x 35 does not. Use any of the following rail partnos: (Silver) REN-500502, REN-500505 or (black) REN-400502-B, REN-400505-B. 

Technical Data:

Dimensions: 35x35x65

Weight: 0.066kg

Set: complete pre-assembled set

Material: Aluminium; Corrosion resistant steel

Certification: TUV ID:48970; MCS012 IK0197

Useable with: VS+ mounting rail 50×37; TS+

Maximum Torque: 12,00 Nm

Driver: Hexagon socket 5mm


Renusol mounting equipment must not be used with mounting equipment from other suppliers. Doing so would inevitably void the warranty of the mounting system.