ConSole+ (incl. Mounting material and U-Profile)

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The ConSole+ provides an angle of 15 degrees.

The ConSole+ assembly system is the ideal solution for installing PV modules on flat roofs with a pitch of up to 5 degrees without roof penetration. Most commercially available framed standard PV modules fit the ConSole+.

The ConSole+ is weighed down with ballast e.g. gravel, paving slabs, etc… in order to resist the windloads. The necessary weight of the ballast depends on the height of the building, its location and the condition of the ground and the wind and snow loads. Reference values for the necessary ballasts are contained in "Preparing the Assembly – Point 2" in the table of Page 5 of the installation manual.

Details: Colour: black Suitable for flat-roof- and ground mounting installations For framed PV-modules Technical Data: Material: HDPE, Aluminium and stainless steel Weight: 7,900 kg Max# module length: 1580-1730 mm Holes gap – width: 895-1014 mm Holes gap – length: 690-1180 mm Other Contents: 1 x 500075 ConSole+ 2 x 400005 ConSole U-Profile 1035 mm 4 x 900027 Hexag# screw DIN933-M6x20 A2-70 4 x 900028 Washer DIN9021-6,4-A2 4 x 900029 Self-locking hexag# nut DIN985-M6-A2 4 x 900106 ConSole Clip 4 x 900115 Hexag# screw DIN7504-ST5,5×25-A2-SW8 

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