MetaSole+ Sheet thickness: steel 0.50-1.50 mm, aluminium 0.5-2.00mm

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RENUSOL METASOLE  Rooftop mounting system for trapezoidal and corrugated sheet metal roofs    ONLY 12.5 CM SHORT PV-Mounting system reduced to the essential   PV-MODULE LANDSCAPE ORIENTATION For PV systems with framed pv-modules from 30 to 50 mm frame height. PV-Modules in landscape orientation.   NON PRE-DRILLING INSTALLATION Installation directly into the metal roofing, with self-tapping and thread-forming screws.   FOR STEEL AND ALUMINIUM Readymade kits – suitable for the installation of PV systems on sheet metal coverings made of steel and / or aluminium in various thicknesses.     Metasole landscape kit: consist of 1x Metasole plate and 2x REN-400281 (SW8 6.0×25 E16) screws.