Sunny Tripower 8kW AV40 Three Phase Inverter

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One-person installation due to low weight of 20.5 kg

Compact design means minimum space requirements

Easy to use

100% plug and play installation

Free online monitoring via Sunny Places

Automated service thanks to SMA Smart Connected

High yields

Use of surplus energy through dynamic active power limitation

Shade management with OptiTrac Global Peak or integrated TS4-R communication


UK Only: This product is made G98/99 compliant via updates to the settings of the software file. This can be performed upon installation.

Enhanced support is available via SMA UK at the following points of contact:  Tel         +44 1908 304899  Email    service@sma-uk.com

By all means contact SMA in advance prior to the installation to receive the data files and to arrange remote support on stand-by.