SolarEdge WiFi and ZigBee Antenna single (SetAPP )

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Solar Edge Antenna for Wi-Fi and ZigBee Communications.    Simple Wireless Connectivity Used to connect a Solar Edge device to the monitoring platform via Wi-Fi Used to connect a Solar Edge device to Smart Energy devices via ZigBee communications Antenna external to inverter for wider range  Wi-Fi and Zigbee stations are built into Solar Edge device Indoor and outdoor usage 5 years warranty   All inverters with the new communication board come with integrated WiFi for commissioning with SetApp. If connection to the monitoring portal via WiFi is required then this part – antenna – is required (the signal of the integrated WiFi is not strong enough). The inverter does not need to be connected to the internet for commissioning purposes, but the installer must have an internet connection from their mobile device to download the app.   SE-ANT-ZBWIFI-KIT  

Please note this WIFI Antenna will NOT work with older type Solar Edge inverters with display.

For SetAPP inverters without screen ONLY.